Maha Yogi Baba Lokenath

Baba Lokenath
Sree Sree Baba Lokenath Brahmachari

A Lesson In Maya

After completing the most rigorous and intricate disciplines of yoga, Guru Bhagwan returned with his disciples to their birth place for the last time. This was in accordance with the injunction of the shastras, which states that after the completion of twelve years of renunciation, the sannyasin should return once more to the place of his birth.
While reminiscing about the days spent in his birth place, Baba Lokenath revealed to his disciple, Narisababa, an important instruction on an aspect of human life that concerns every spiritual seeker. Narisababa gives a vivid account of what he heard from his Master on the issues of love and sex.
Baba Lokenath said, “Love is beyond all human rationalization. The natural attraction between male and female has, too often, been viewed as immoral. But it is childish to give up sex or condemn it as a social evil. You have to go deep into this phenomenon to know its source. Why is this basic aspect of nature found in human beings? Why does man try, again and again, to rise above this instinctive urge, yet fail to succeed?”
Then Baba gave the most practical explanation saying, “To brand sex as a sin is the greatest blunder. How can that without which the creation is impossible be called a sin? Sin is afeelirtg of the mind in a state of unawareness. Sex cannot be separated from the world of desires. The hardships and material discomforts which a seeker of truth accepts happily to have the vision of God has its roots in desire. You may say that the desire for material pleasure is a limited one, whereas the desire for Divine Grace is of greater value in life, but can you deny the fact that at the root there is the phenomenon of desiring?
In man is the seed of desire, hence, there is the possibility of divine transformation. In the animal knigdom this sphere of desire is limited; therefore, the scope for divine illumination is not there. If you cannot desire the part, how can you grow and desire the whole? The entire creation is created with a divine design. It has its own inner harmony growing toward ultimate perfection. Nothing that is created is without deep significance. From the limited world of the material plane to the highest realms of spiritual oneness everything is a part of the divine design of the Supreme One. It is only through the desire for the transient objects of material life that the higher desire for spiritual flowering will awaken in the heart of man.
The whole secret of this cosmic creation is hidden deep within this phenomenon of Kama or desire or sex. You may rail against this. You may try to suppress this natural urge, but that is to do the impossible. It is not possible to reach the state of divine love through the suppression of sex. Your material life and the natural tendency of desiring material happiness is divinely designed

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